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Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q1 Deployment Planning Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 3-1 Communications Services Components
Figure 3-2 Two-Tree LDAP Structure Compared With One-Tree Structure
Figure 3-3 Two-Tree Aliasing With aliasedDomainName and inetDomainBaseDN
Figure 3-4 Two-Tree Aliasing With inetCanonicalDomainName
Figure 3-5 One-Tree Aliasing With associatedDomain
Figure 5-1 Single-tiered Architecture for One Host
Figure 5-2 Single-tiered Architecture for Multiple Hosts
Figure 5-3 Single-tiered Distributed Architecture
Figure 5-4 Two-tiered Architecture
Figure 5-5 Edge Architecture
Figure 9-1 Standalone Messaging Server, Simplified Components View
Figure 9-2 Channel Architecture
Figure 10-1 Simplified Messaging Server Two-tiered Architecture
Figure 10-2 Simplified Messaging Server Single-tiered Architecture
Figure 11-1 Two-Tiered Messaging Server Architecture
Figure 11-2 Spreading Your User Base Across Multiple Servers
Figure 12-1 Central Topology
Figure 12-2 Distributed Topology
Figure 12-3 Hybrid Topology
Figure 12-4 Service Provider Topology
Figure 12-5 MTAs in Messaging Topology
Figure 12-6 MMP Overview
Figure 12-7 Hybrid Topology for the Siroe Corporation
Figure 12-8 Topological Elements in the Siroe Messaging Deployment for Chicago and Minneapolis
Figure 13-1 Mapping Tables and the Mail Acceptance Process
Figure 17-1 Single-Server Calendar Server Architecture
Figure 17-2 Two-tiered Calendar Server Architecture
Figure 17-3 Two-tiered, Multiple Server Calendar Server Architecture
Figure 21-1 Instant Messaging Software Architecture
Figure 22-1 Simplified Two-tiered Instant Messaging Architecture
Figure 22-2 Simplified One-tiered Instant Messaging Architecture
Figure 23-1 Basic Instant Messaging Architecture
Figure 23-2 Flow of Authentication Requests in a Basic Instant Messaging Architecture
Figure 23-3 Instant Messaging Architecture with Email Notification
Figure 23-4 Instant Messaging Architecture with Calendar Alerts
Figure 23-5 Instant Messaging Architecture With Access Manager-based Server Policy Management or Single Sign On
Figure 23-6 Flow of Authentication Requests in an Access Manager Configuration
Figure 23-7 Instant Messaging Architecture With Portal-based Secure Mode or Archiving
Figure 23-8 Flow of Authentication Requests in a Portal Server and Access Manager Configuration
Figure 23-9 Separate Web Server and Instant Messaging Hosts
Figure 23-10 Instant Messaging Multiplexors Installed on Separate Hosts
Figure 23-11 Multiple Instant Messaging Server Hosts
Figure 25-1 High Level Communications Express Software Architecture
Figure 26-1 Basic Communications Express Architecture
Figure 26-2 Communications Express on Remote Host Architecture
Figure 28-1 Communications Services Single-tiered Deployment Example for One Host
Figure 28-2 Communications Services Two-tiered Deployment Example

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