Sun B2B Suite ASC X12 Protocol Manager User's Guide

X12 Message Structure

X12 messages have a message structure that indicates how data elements are organized and related to each other for a particular electronic EDI transaction.

Java CAPS Object Type Definitions

In Java CAPS, message structures are defined as Object Type Definitions (OTDs). Each OTD consists of the following elements:

X12 OTD Usage

The Transaction Set structure of an invoice sent from one trading partner (TP) to another defines the header, trailer, segments, and data elements required by invoice transactions. The X12 OTD for a specific version includes Transaction Set structures for each of the transactions available in that version. You can use these structures as provided, or customize them to suit your business needs.

eXchange uses OTDs based on X12 message structures to verify that the data in the messages coming in or going out is in the correct format. There is a message structure for each X12 transaction. The list of transactions provided is different for each version of X12.