Sun B2B Suite HIPAA OTD Library User's Guide

About the HIPAA OTD Library

HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This Act is designed to protect patients. Among other things, it makes specifications affecting standards of treatment and privacy rights. These specifications provide a number of standardized transactions that can be used for such things as a healthcare eligibility inquiry or a healthcare claim.

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The HIPAA Object Type Definition (OTD) Library provides OTDs for the 2000 Standard and 2000 Addenda HIPAA messages.

HIPAA messages have a message structure, which indicates how data elements are organized and related to each other for a particular EDI transaction. In Java CAPS, message structures are defined as OTDs. Each OTD consists of the following:

The HIPAA OTD Library provides HIPAA OTDs that you can use to build Java CAPS Projects for interfacing with HIPAA systems. You can use the OTDs with eGate Integrator or in combination with eXchange Integrator and eGate Integrator.