Sun B2B Suite HIPAA OTD Library User's Guide

Increasing the Enterprise Designer Heap Size

Due to the size of the HIPAA OTDs, you might need to increase the heap size property of the Enterprise Designer. If the heap size is not increased, out—of—memory errors could occur.

ProcedureTo Increase the Enterprise Designer Heap Size

  1. Start the Enterprise Designer.

  2. On the Tools menu in Enterprise Designer, click Options.

    The Options Setup dialog box appears.

  3. Set the configured heap size for the Enterprise Designer, OTD Tester, and JCE Tester to no less than 512 MBytes, and click OK.

    Increasing Enterprise Designer Heap Size
  4. Restart Enterprise Designer.

Resolving Memory Errors at Enterprise Designer Startup

If an out of memory error occurs at Enterprise Designer startup, change the setting in the heapSize.bat file. This file is resides in the folder jcaps51\edesigner\bin, where jcaps51 is the folder where Enterprise Designer is installed.

ProcedureTo Resolve Memory Errors

  1. Open the heapSize.bat file in a text editor.

  2. Change the heap size settings to no less than 512MBytes.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Restart the Enterprise Manager.