Sun B2B Suite HIPAA OTD Library User's Guide

Displaying HIPAA OTDs

After installing the HIPAA OTDs, you can view the OTDs in the OTD Editor.

ProcedureTo Display HIPAA OTDs

  1. If you are not already in Enterprise Designer, access it by running the following script:

  2. Click the Project Explorer tab.

  3. Expand the following folders:

    • Sun SeeBeyond

    • OTD Library

    • HIPAA

    • 2000_Standard or 2000_Addenda

    The Project Explorer tab displays the available OTDs.

    OTDs for the 2000 Standard

    The following table below describes the OTD naming conventions.


    X12 protocol name


    X12 version


    2000 HIPAA


    Protocol name


    Optional; indicating quarter


    Transaction code and transaction name abbreviation


    Fully enveloped OTD version that includes the inner and outer envelopes

    The folder also includes a Metadata folder, which holds a .zip file that contains all HIPAA SEF files for the OTDs..