Sun B2B Suite HIPAA OTD Library User's Guide

Incoming Message

Because the fully-enveloped OTD automatically detects delimiters in an incoming message that has the interchange header segment while unmarshaling, do not specify delimiters for the incoming message. Any delimiters that are set before unmarshaling are ignored, and the unmarshal() method picks up the delimiter used in the ISA segment of the incoming message.

For non-enveloped OTDs, if the incoming message uses non-standard delimiters, set the delimiters on the OTD instance before the unmarshal() method is invoked.

Setting Delimiters

You can set the delimiters in the Java Collaboration Editor using the methods or bean nodes that are provided in the OTDs. Use the following methods to specify delimiters:

If the input data is already in HIPAA format, you can use the get methods to retrieve the delimiters from the input data. For information, refer to Get and Set Methods.