Sun B2B Suite HIPAA OTD Library User's Guide

Precedence of Delimiters

When a fully-enveloped OTD or interchange envelope OTD is used to marshal its content into an outgoing message, the delimiter values in the first delimiter field-containing segment (the ISA segment) can sometimes conflict with the delimiter values specified at the interchange level (that is, at the OTD level). This occurs because the interchange level objects and non-root-level objects can separately allow a user to set delimiters independently in a fully-enveloped OTD.

The delimiter values in the ISA segment, if initialized, take precedence over the delimiter values set for the fully-enveloped OTD or interchange envelope OTD. The precedence order can therefore be represented as follows:

Delimiter set in the ISA segment (if initialized) > Delimiter set in the OTD