Sun B2B Suite HIPAA OTD Library User's Guide

Sample of ANSI Output

This section shows an excerpt of the XML X12 4010 850 in ANSI format:

ISA*00* *00* *01*9012345720000 *01*9088877320000 *011001*1718*U*
5*002*20011001*0718*021*20011001*1952~REF*AB*3920394930203*GENERAL PURPOSE*BT:123456
78900987654321768958473:CM:500:AB:3920394930203~PER*AC*ARTHUR JONES*TE*(614)555
-1212*TE*(614)555-1212*TE*(614)555-1212*ADDL CONTACT

Note –

The HIPAA OTDs accept standard ANSI X12 format . You do not need to change the existing Business Processes or Collaborations to specify the input format. The standard data is ANSI X12. By default, the OTD output is ANSI. To change the output to XML (reserved for future use), use the setXmlOutput (boolean) method. For information, refer to setXmlOutput. To verify whether the output is XML (reserved for future use), use the getXmlOutput() method. For information, refer to getXmlOutput.