Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Installing ebXML Protocol Manager Product Files

During the Java CAPS installation operation, use Enterprise Manager, a Web-based application, to select and upload ebXML Protocol Manager and add-on application .sar files from the Java CAPS installation CD-ROM to the Repository.

When the Repository is running on a UNIX operating system, you must still install ebXML Protocol Manager using Enterprise Manager and Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows computer connected to the Repository server.

Follow the general instructions for installing the Java CAPS, which you can find in the Sun Java CAPS Installation Guide. You must begin by installing eGate.

eGate Installation

The eGate (eGate.sar) installation process includes the following operations:

Before Installing ebXML Protocol Manager

Before you install ebXML Protocol Manager ensure that:

Installing ebXML Protocol Manager

This section explains how to install ebXML Protocol Manager, that is, how to upload the ebXML_Manager.sar file to the Repository.

ProcedureTo install ebXML Protocol Manager

  1. Make sure the eGate.sar file has been uploaded to the Repository using Enterprise Manager.

  2. Make sure you have selected and uploaded, to the Repository, the .sar files listed under eGate Installation and Before Installing ebXML Protocol Manager.

  3. Upload the ebXML_Manager.sar file. This operation installs ebXML Protocol Manager.

  4. Upload ebXML_ManagerDocs.sar (if you have not done so already). This file contains:

  5. ebXML_Manager_Guide.pdf file with the product’s documentation

  6. file containing the sample scenario Projects and related files (see Run-time Steps for details on this file)

  7. Readme.txt file

    To obtain these files, follow the instructions provided by the Sun Java CAPS Installation Guide and Enterprise Manager.