Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Improving Performance

The eInsight engine has the following properties that affect performance:

The Max Concurrent Instances property indicates the amount of inbound messages that each BP processes simultaneously. For example, if you set this property to 10, the BP processes up to ten inbound messages at the same time. When the eleventh message is received, the BP does not process the message until the processing of one of the ten messages has been completed.

The Max Runtime Thread Pool Size property defines how many threads that BPs can invoke simultaneously.

These settings constitute a trade-off between performance and memory. Depending on how much memory your system has, you can specify these settings accordingly. There are no recommended settings for these properties because they depend on the specific memory capacity of your system. If your Project processes too slowly or messages are lost, increase these settings as your system allows.

For instructions on configuring run-time properties for the eInsight engine, see the eXchange Integrator User’s Guide. For additional information about these properties, see the eInsight Business Process Manager User’s Guide.

ProcedureTo Improve Performance

  1. On the Environment Explorer tab of the Enterprise Designer, select and expand the Logical Host folder.

  2. Right-click the Integration Server, and click Properties.

    The Properties dialog box appears (see Improving Performance).

  3. Expand the IS Configuration, Sections, and eInsight Engine Configuration folders.

  4. Increase the value of the setting for the Max Concurrent Instances property, as necessary. See Improving Performance.

  5. Increase the value of the setting for the Max Runtime Thread Pool Size property, as necessary. See Improving Performance.

  6. When you are finished, click OK.