Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Using ePM: Overview

In eXchange, each TP contains information identifying the values for the messaging, enveloping, and/or transport parameters to be used for sending and receiving B2B information.

Parameter Types

ePM contains the following types of parameters:

See Configuring TPs for a complete explanation of parameter types.

Creating and Enabling TPs

To create and enable TPs you can do the following operations using ePM:

For complete information on how to do these operations in ePM, see the eXchange Integrator User’s Guide. Also, Run-time Steps contains a sample scenario with specific examples of TPs set up in ePM.

The following sections provide basic instructions on how to use ePM:

The rest of this section provides a general summary of how to access ePM, as well as use it with TPs for ebXML Protocol Manager Projects.