Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Configuring TPs

After you have set up and activated your TPs, you must configure them for ebXML and your current system. Each set of specific configurations you assign to a TP make up its profile. TP configuration parameters include the following settings:

Note –

The ePM user interface refers to XDCs under tabs and headings named Delivery Channels .

Importing and Configuring TPs in ePM explains a sample scenario with specific examples of how to configure parameters for an individual TP using ePM.

Note –

After you have configured each TP, you must activate it then check for its successful activation. See TP Activation for details.

The rest of this chapter explains in detail how to configure each ePM parameter setting for ebXML Protocol Manager’s TPs, summarized under the types shown in the previous list. For more information, including information on the various tabs/subtabs, what they contain, and how to navigate through them, see the eXchange Integrator User’s Guide.