Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Creating and Configuring TPs in ePM

This section describes the steps for creating and configuring TPs using ePM.

Basic ePM Steps

Before you begin this operation, your Repository and your eXchange Oracle database must be running and accessible to eXchange.

Note –

Enterprise Designer does not need to be running, and you do not need to have any Logical Hosts running.

Using ePM to create TPs includes the following basic operations:

For ePM configuration information, see Increasing the Oracle Number of Processes. For an implementation example, including importing and activating TPs, see the sample scenario in Run-time Steps.

Configuring eXchange Service With Cryptographic Features

Your use of the ebXML protocol assumes you are also using its cryptographic features (encryption, decryption, signatures, and verifications). Additional steps are required in setting up the eXchange service to use these features.

You must associate encryption information with each XDC eXchange service. For complete information on setting up an eXchange service with cryptographic features for Protocol Managers, see the eXchange Integrator User’s Guide. For specific examples, see the encryption setup used in the sample Project explained in Run-time Steps.