Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Importing Sample Environments

Before you import the sample Environments, your Repository must be running, and you must be logged on to Enterprise Designer. If your Repository already has an Environment at the root level whose name is identical to any of the Environments you are importing, you must delete or rename such Environments before you start.

ProcedureTo Import Sample Environments

  1. In Environment Explorer, right-click the Repository and, on the context menu, click Import.

  2. In the Import Manager dialog box, browse to the directories where you installed the sample files (such as C:\temp\eXchange\Sample\ebXML\Environments).

    The name of the Environment file you must import is

  3. Select this file and click Import.

    A message appears saying the import operation was successful.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Close the Import Manager dialog box.

    The Environment Explorer tree now displays the following Environments:

    • envAtlanta

    • envBerlin