Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Getting Started

Before you begin, your Repository and your eXchange database (Oracle) must be running and accessible. Enterprise Designer does not need to be running, and you do not need to have any Logical Hosts running.

In addition, you must perform the following operations:

The rest of this section explains these operations. For detailed information on configuring ePM, see Increasing the Oracle Number of Processes.

Starting ePM

This section explains how to start running ePM.

ProcedureTo start eXchange ePM

  1. Start a new browser session (that is, do not clone a new window of an existing session)

  2. Enter a Repository URL, with epm appended, for example:

    • If your Repository were running local on port 12000, the URL is:

    • For a Repository running on machine herMachine on port 33000, the URL is:

    • IP addresses are also permissible, for example:

      The string epm is case sensitive. In other words, ePM, Epm, and EPM are all errors.

  3. When the sign-in window appears, enter Enterprise Manager user name and password and click Sign In.

    The initial ePM window appears.