Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Overview

Sun Availability Suite Software

The Sun Availability Suite Software is a host-based replication facility that replicates disk volumes between geographically separated primary clusters and secondary clusters in real time. Remote mirror replication enables data from the master volume of the primary cluster to be replicated to the master volume of the geographically separated secondary cluster through a TCP/IP connection. A remote mirror bitmap tracks differences between the master volume on the primary disk and the master volume on the secondary disk.

The remote mirror software continually replicates the data to remote sites while your applications are accessing the data volumes. You can also manually update the data on the secondary site volume by issuing a command to synchronize the primary and secondary site volumes. You can also restore data from the secondary volume to the primary volume by issuing a command to reverse-synchronize the volumes. For more information about the Sun Availability Suite software, see the product documentation.