Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Installation Guide

Planning Required IP Addresses and Hostnames

You must have all the required IP addresses and hostnames before you begin the installation process. You must set up a number of IP addresses for various Sun Cluster Geographic Edition components, depending on your cluster configuration. Each node in the cluster configuration must have at least one public network connection to the same set of public subnets. You must have an IP address for the cluster name and for each cluster node. You might also need additional IP addresses for data replication products. For more information about requirements for configuring data replication, see the following data replication guides:

See Public Network IP Addresses in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS for a list of components that require IP addresses. Add these IP addresses to any naming services that are used. Also add these IP addresses to the local /etc/inet/hosts file on each cluster node after you install Solaris software.

A cluster name must be suitable as a hostname because Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software creates the logical hostname by using the cluster name. Therefore, the cluster name must be in the naming system.

Also, cluster names must be unique. For example, if you have a cluster wholly within the domain .france, you can use hostnames like paris and grenoble. However, if you have a cross-domain cluster, you must specify the hostnames with enough qualification to identify the host on the network. You can link paris and munich with hostnames paris.france and munich.germany, and the cluster names remain paris and munich.

You cannot create a partnership between clusters paris.france and paris.texas because of a collision on the cluster name paris.