Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Installation Guide

ProcedureHow to Uninstall Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.2 Software

Remove Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software from all nodes in the cluster, unless you are removing the software from node that you are also removing from the cluster. You can continue to run applications during the uninstallation of Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software.

  1. To use the uninstall program with a GUI, ensure that the display environment of the cluster node to uninstall is set to display the GUI.

    % xhost +
    % setenv DISPLAY nodename:0.0

    If the display environment is not set to display the GUI, the uninstall program instead displays in test-based mode.

  2. Become superuser on the node where you intend to uninstall Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software.

  3. Stop the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure on the local cluster.

    # geoadm stop

    For more information about disabling the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software on a cluster, see Disabling the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Software in Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide.

  4. Change to the directory where the uninstall program for this software version resides.

    In the following path, ver is the version number of the Sun Java Availability Suite distribution from which you installed Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software.

    # cd /var/sadm/prod/SUNWentsysver
  5. Start the uninstall program.

    # ./uninstall

    The Welcome page is displayed.

  6. Click Next to proceed.

    The Select Components page is displayed.

  7. Select the components that you want to uninstall, and click Next.

    To exit the uninstall program at any time, click Cancel.

  8. Review the uninstallation selections you have made.

    • If changes are needed, click Back through successive pages until the Component Selection page is displayed.

    • Make changes as needed on the Component Selection page.

    • Click Next to proceed again through the uninstaller pages.

      The uninstall program remembers previously-specified values. You can modify any value that you previously specified.

  9. Click Next when you are satisfied with your selections.

    The uninstall program begins removing software from your system and displays the following:

    • A progress bar that displays the overall completion percentage.

    • The name of the package that is currently being removed.

    • After all component software has been removed, the uninstaller displays the Uninstallation Complete page.

  10. Click View Summary or View Log for information about the uninstallation.

    • Uninstallation summary shows the components that were uninstalled and a list of configuration information for the components.

    • Uninstallation log shows all messages that were generated by the uninstaller during uninstallation.

    • You can also review the uninstallation summary and log files in /var/sadm/install/logs.

  11. Click Close to exit the uninstall program.