Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility

ProcedureHow to Create the RDF2 Device Group on the Secondary Cluster

Before You Begin

Before you can issue the EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility commands on the secondary cluster, you need to create a RDF2 type device group on the secondary cluster that contains the same definitions as the RDF1 device group.

  1. Use the symdg export command to create a text file, devgroup1.txt, that contains the RDF1 group definitions.

    phys-paris-1# symdg export devgroup -f devgroup.txt -rdf
  2. Use the rcp or ftp command to transfer the file to the secondary cluster.

    phys-paris-1# rcp devgroup1.txt phys-newyork-1:/.
    phys-paris-1# rcp devgroup1.txt phys-newyork-2:/.
  3. On the secondary cluster, use the symdg import command to create the RDF2 device group by using the definitions from the text file.

    Run the following command on each node in the newyork cluster.

    # symdg import devgroup1 -f devgroup1.txt
    Adding standard device 054 as DEV001...
    Adding standard device 055 as DEV002...