Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility

Switchover Failure Conditions

This section describes a switchover failure scenario. In this scenario, cluster-paris is the original primary cluster and cluster-newyork is the original secondary cluster.

A switchover switches the services from cluster-paris to cluster-newyork as follows:

phys-newyork-1# geopg switchover -f -m cluster-newyork srdfpg

While processing the geopg switchover command, the symrdf swap command runs and returns errors for the EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility device group, devgroup1. As a result, the geopg switchover command returns the following failure message:

Processing operation.... this may take a while ....
"Switchover" failed for the following reason:
			Switchover failed for SRDF DG devgroup1

After this failure message has been issued, the two clusters are in the following states:

		srdfpg role: Secondary
		srdfpg role: Secondary

phys-newyork-1# symdg list

                          D E V I C E      G R O U P S                       

                                                             Number of
    Name               Type     Valid  Symmetrix ID  Devs   GKs  BCVs  VDEVs

    devgroup1         RDF1    Yes    000187401215     2     0     0      0
    devgroup2         RDF2    Yes    000187401215     6     0     0      0