Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy

ProcedureHow to Configure the Sun Cluster Device Group That Is Controlled by Hitachi TrueCopy Software

Before You Begin

If you are using storage-based replication, do not configure a replicated volume as a quorum device. The Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software does not support Hitachi TrueCopy S-VOL and Command Device as a Sun Cluster quorum device. See Using Storage-Based Data Replication in Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS for more information.

  1. Register the VERITAS Volume Manager disk group that you configured in the previous procedure.

    Use the Sun Cluster command cldevicegroup.

    For more information about this command, refer to the cldevicegroup(1CL) man page.

  2. Create a mount directory on each node of the cluster.

    phys-newyork-1# mkdir -p /mounts/sample
    phys-newyork-2# mkdir -p /mounts/sample
  3. Synchronize the VERITAS Volume Manager configuration with Sun Cluster software, again by using the cldevicegroup command.

  4. After configuration is complete, verify the disk group registration.

    # cldevicegroup status

    The VERITAS Volume Manager disk group, oradg1, should be displayed in the output.

    For more information about the cldevicegroup command, see the cldevicegroup(1CL) man page.