Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy

Configuring the /etc/horcm.conf File

You must configure the Hitachi TrueCopy device group on shared disks in the secondary cluster as you did on the primary cluster by editing the /etc/horcm.conf file on each node of the cluster that has access to the Hitachi array. Disks d1 and d2 are configured to belong to a Hitachi TrueCopy device group that is called devgroup1. The application, apprg1, can run on all nodes that have Hitachi TrueCopy device groups configured.

For more information about how to configure the /etc/horcm.conf file, see the Sun StorEdge SE 9900 V Series Command and Control Interface User and Reference Guide.

The following table describes the configuration information from the example that is found in the /etc/horcm.conf file.

Table 1–3 Example Section of the /etc/horcm.conf File on the Secondary Cluster



port number


LU number

MU number













The configuration information in the table indicates that the Hitachi TrueCopy device group, devgroup1, contains two pairs. The first pair, pair1, is from the d1 disk, which is identified by the tuple <CL1–C , 0, 20>. The second pair, pair2, is from the d2 disk and is identified by the tuple <CL1–C, 0, 21>.

After you have configured the /etc/horcm.conf file on the secondary cluster, you can see the status of the pairs by using the pairdisplay command as follows:

phys-paris-1# pairdisplay -g devgroup1
Group PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID,LU),Seq#,LDEV#,P/S,Status,Fence,Seq#,P-LDEV# M
devgroup1 pair1(L) (CL1-A , 0, 1) 54321 1..  SMPL ----  ------,----- ----  -
devgroup1 pair1(R) (CL1-C , 0, 20)12345 609..SMPL ----  ------,----- ----  -
devgroup1 pair2(L) (CL1-A , 0, 2) 54321 2..  SMPL ----  ------,----- ----  -
devgroup1 pair2(R) (CL1-C , 0, 21)12345 610..SMPL ----  ------,----- ----  -