Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy

Validations Made by the Data Replication Subsystem

When the Hitachi TrueCopy device group, configured as dev_group in the /etc/horcm.conf file, is added to a protection group, the data replication layer makes the following validations.

Hitachi TrueCopy Device Group Property 



Checks that the specified Hitachi TrueCopy device group is configured on all of the cluster nodes that are specified in the Nodelist property.


If a pair is already established for this Hitachi TrueCopy device group, the data replication layer checks that the specified Fence_level matches the already established fence level.

If a pair is not yet established, for example, if a pair is in the SMPL state, any Fence_level is accepted.

When a Hitachi TrueCopy device group is added to a protection group, a Sun Cluster resource is automatically created by this command. This resource monitors data replication. The name of the resource is r-tc-protectiongroupname-devicegroupname. This resource is placed in the corresponding Sun Cluster resource group, which is named rg-tc-protectiongroupname.

Caution – Caution –

You must use caution before you modify these replication resources with Sun Cluster commands. These resources are for internal implementation purposes only.