Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy

How to Detect Data Replication Errors

For information about how different Resource status values map to actual replication pair states, see Table 2–6.

You can check the status of the replication resources by using the clresource command as follows:

phys-paris-1# clresource status -v

Running the clresource status command might return the following:

=== Cluster Resources ===

Resource Name          de Name        State      Status Message
-------------            ---------    -----      --------------
r-tc-tcpg1-devgroup1   phys-paris-2   Offline    Offline
                       phys-paris-1   Online     Faulted - P-VOL:PSUE

hasp4nfs               phys-paris-2   Offline    Offline
                       phys-paris-1   Offline    Offline

The aggregate resource status for all device groups in the protection group is provided by using the geoadm status command. For example, the output of the clresource status command in the preceding example indicates that the Hitachi TrueCopy device group, devgroup1, is in the PSUE state on cluster-paris. Table 2–6 indicates that the PSUE state corresponds to a resource status of FAULTED. So, the data replication state of the protection group is also FAULTED. This state is reflected in the output of the geoadm status command, which displays the state of the protection group as Error.

phys-paris-1# geoadm status
Cluster: cluster-paris

Partnership "paris-newyork-ps"  : OK
   Partner clusters             : cluster-newyork
   Synchronization              : OK      
   ICRM Connection              : OK

   Heartbeat "paris-to-newyork" monitoring "cluster-newyork": OK 
      Heartbeat plug-in "ping_plugin"             : Inactive
      Heartbeat plug-in "tcp_udp_plugin"          : OK

Protection group "tcpg"   : Error
      Partnership         : paris-newyork-ps
      Synchronization     : OK

      Cluster cluster-paris    : Error
         Role                  : Primary
         PG activation state   : Activated
         Configuration         : OK
         Data replication      : Error
         Resource groups       : OK 
      Cluster cluster-newyork  : Error
         Role                  : Secondary
         PG activation state   : Activated
         Configuration         : OK
         Data replication      : Error
         Resource groups       : OK

Pending Operations
      Protection Group         : "tcpg"
      Operations               : start