Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility

ProcedureHow to Make the Original Secondary Cluster Primary for an EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility Protection Group

  1. Resynchronize the configuration of the protection group.

    This command updates the configuration of the protection group on cluster-newyork with the configuration information of the protection group on cluster-paris.

    phys-newyork-1# geopg update srdfpg

    After the geopg update command runs successfully, srdfpg has the following role on each cluster:

    		srdfpg role: Secondary
    		srdfpg role: Primary
  2. Run the symrdf swap command so that the device group, devgroup2, has the RDF2 role.

    phys-paris-1# symrdf -g devgroup2 failover
    phys-paris-1# symrdf -g devgroup2 swap

    Confirm that the swap was successful by using the symrdf list command to view the device group information.

    phys-paris-1# symdg list
                              D E V I C E      G R O U P S                       
                                                                 Number of
        Name               Type     Valid  Symmetrix ID  Devs   GKs  BCVs  VDEVs
        devgroup1        RDF2    Yes    000187401215     6     0     0      
        devgroup2        RDF2    Yes    000187401215     2     0     0      0
  3. Activate the protection group on both clusters in the partnership.

    phys-newyork-1# geopg start -e Global srdfpg

    This command starts the application on cluster-newyork. Data replication starts from cluster-newyork to cluster-paris.

    Caution – Caution –

    This command overwrites the data on cluster-paris.