Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Sun StorageTek Availability Suite

ProcedureHow to Set Up Raw-Disk Device Groups for Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Systems

Sun Cluster Geographic Edition supports the use of raw-disk device groups in addition to various volume managers. When you initially configure Sun Cluster, device groups are automatically configured for each raw device in the cluster. Use this procedure to reconfigure these automatically created device groups for use with Sun Cluster Geographic Edition.

  1. For the devices that you want to use, unconfigure the predefined device groups.

    The following commands remove the predefined device groups for d7 and d8.

    phys-paris-1# cldevicegroup disable dsk/d7 dsk/d8
    phys-paris-1# cldevicegroup offline dsk/d7 dsk/d8
    phys-paris-1# cldevicegroup delete dsk/d7 dsk/d8
  2. Create the new raw-disk device group, including the desired devices.

    Ensure that the new DID does not contain any slashes. The following command creates a global device group, rawdg, which contains d7 and d8.

    phys-paris-1# cldevicegroup create -n phys-paris-1,phys-paris-2 \
    -t rawdisk -d d7,d8 rawdg
    phys-paris-1# /usr/cluster/lib/dcs/dgconv -d d7 rawdg
    phys-paris-1# /usr/cluster/lib/dcs/dgconv -d d8 rawdg
  3. On the partner cluster, unconfigure the predefined device groups for the devices that you want to use.

    You can use the same DIDs on each cluster. In the following command, the newyork cluster is the partner of the paris cluster.

    phys-newyork-1# cldevicegroup disable dsk/d5 dsk/d6
    phys-newyork-1# cldevicegroup offline dsk/d5 dsk/d6
    phys-newyork-1# cldevicegroup delete dsk/d5 dsk/d6
  4. Create the raw-disk device group on the partner cluster.

    Use the same device group name that you used on the primary cluster.

    phys-newyork-1# cldevicegroup create -n phys-newyork-1,phys-newyork-2 \
    -t rawdisk -d d5,d6 rawdg
  5. Use the new group name where a device group name is required.

    The following command adds rawdg to the AVS protection group rawpg.

    phys-paris-1# geopg add-device-group -p local_logical_host=paris-1h \
    -p remote_logical_host=newyork-1h rawdg rawpg