Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy and Universal Replicator

ProcedureHow to Make the Original Primary Cluster Primary for a Hitachi TrueCopy or Universal Replicator Protection Group

  1. Deactivate the protection group on the original primary cluster.

    phys-paris-1# geopg stop -e Local tcpg
  2. Resynchronize the configuration of the protection group.

    This command updates the configuration of the protection group on cluster-paris with the configuration information of the protection group on cluster-newyork.

    phys-paris-1# geopg update tcpg

    After the geopg update command completes successfully, tcpg has the following role on each cluster:

    		tcpg role: Primary
    		tcpg role: secondary
  3. Activate the protection group on both clusters in the partnership.

    phys-paris-1# geopg start -e Global tcpg

    This command starts the application on cluster-paris. Data replication starts from cluster-paris to cluster-newyork.