Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy and Universal Replicator

How the Data Replication Subsystem Validates the Device Group

Before creating the protection group, the data replication layer validates that the horcmd daemon is running.

The data replication layer validates that the horcmd daemon is running on at least one node that is specified in the Nodelist property.

If the Cluster_dgs property is specified, then the data replication layer verifies that the device group specified is a valid Sun Cluster device group. The data replication layer also verifies that the device group is of a valid type.

Note –

The device groups that are specified in the Cluster_dgs property must be written to only by applications that belong to the protection group. This property must not specify device groups that receive information from applications outside the protection group.

A Sun Cluster resource group is automatically created when the protection group is created.

This resource in this resource group monitors data replication. The name of the Hitachi TrueCopy or Universal Replicator data replication resource group is rg-tc-protectiongroupname.

Caution – Caution –

These automatically created replication resource groups are for Sun Cluster Geographic Edition internal implementation purposes only. Use caution when you modify these resource groups by using Sun Cluster commands.