Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Hitachi TrueCopy and Universal Replicator

ProcedureConfiguring Consistency Group IDs for Hitachi Universal Replicator Device Groups in Asynchronous Mode

You can assign a consistency group ID (CTGID) to a protection group by setting the property ctgid=consistency-group-ID as an option to the geopg create command. You can assign CTGID values to device groups in one of two ways:

The following procedure demonstrates these two methods of setting the CTGID for the devices that are used by an application data service. The procedure configures a protection group named app1-pg with a CTGID of 5. This protection group contains the app1-rg resource group and the Hitachi Universal Replicator devgroup1 device group, which uses the async fence level.

Before You Begin
  1. On the primary cluster, create the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition protection group with a specified CTGID, and add the resource group.

    phys-paris-1# geopg create -s paris-newyork-ps -o primary -d truecopy -p ctgid=5 \
    -p nodelist=phys-paris-1,phys-paris-2 app1-pg

    phys-paris-1# geopg add-resource-group app1-rg app1-pg
  2. Add device groups to the protection group by using one of the following methods:

    • Add device groups that have been configured in the /etc/horcm.conf file but have not been initialized by using the paircreate command.

      phys-paris-1# geopg add-device-group -p fence_level=async devgroup1 app1-pg
    • Assign CTGIDs to device groups when they are initialized by using the Hitachi paircreate command, and add the device groups to the protection group that has the same value for the CTGID property.

      In the following example, a device group is initialized with the CTGID of 5 and then added to the app1-pg protection group:

      phys-paris-1# paircreate -g devgroup1 -vl -f async 5

      phys-paris-1# geopg add-device-group -p fence_level=async devgroup1 app1-pg
  3. Start the protection group.

    phys-paris-1# geopg start -e local app1-pg

    Uninitialized device groups, if any, are initialized and assigned the CTGID of 5.