C H A P T E R  3

Starting and Setting Up the Sun Studio 11 IDE

This chapter describes how to run and setup the Suntrademark Studio 11 integrated development environment (IDE) on your system.

Starting the IDE

Once you have the Sun Studio 11 software installed on your system, and you have the Javatrademark 2, Standard Edition (J2SEtrademark) technology on your system or the path to where it is installed on the network, you can start using the software. To start the product, do the following:

single-step bulletAt the prompt, type:

% sunstudio

Note - The full path to the command is

If the software cannot find the supported J2SE technology, you will receive an error message. The sunstudio command looks for the J2SE technology in your PATH and in several standard locations on your system. If the J2SE technology is not installed on your system, do one of the following:

For more information on the options available with the sunstudio command, see the sunstudio (1) man page. For more information about using the IDE, see the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Readme.

Using the Setup Wizard

You can open the Setup wizard from the IDE Welcome screen by clicking the Setup Wizard button. You can also open the Setup wizard by selecting Toolsright arrowSetup Wizard. In the Setup wizard, you can indicate your preferred settings for general Sun Studio 11 software settings and for your text editor.

In the General Sun Studio Settings page, you can set the Window Mode, Web Browser, and Web Proxy. Choose your preferred display under Window Mode. For Web Browser, the External Browser (UNIX®) selection is the recommended choice. If you want to view any external web pages through the IDE, then you also have to indicate a Web Proxy.

In the Text Editor Preferences page, you can select your text editor of choice. The default selection is the Built-in Editor.

The Module Installation and Update Center pages of the Setup Wizard are not integral to the Sun Studio 11 IDE. Once you have selected your General Sun Studio Settings and the Text Editor Preferences, you can exit the Setup Wizard by clicking the Finish button to save your settings.

The Welcome screen of the IDE includes a tutorial to help you get started using the IDE. For further information on viewing the tools documentation, see Accessing Sun Studio Software and Man Pages.

Using the Registration Wizard

The Registration wizard opens the first time you run the IDE. You can also open the Registration wizard by clicking Helpright arrowRegistration Wizard. You can choose to register online, by fax, or by mail.

Note To System Administrators

After you have installed the Sun Studio 11 software, you can send an email to the developers who will be using the software. An email template is available in the following directory:


The email template provides information for:

The J2SE technology should be in the environment path of each developer who is using the Sun Studio 11 software. The developers can have the J2SE technology installed locally or mapped in their path environment. To assist the developers in installing the J2SE environment, you can copy the studio11-lin-x86-j2sdk.tar file or mount the CD-ROM image on a network server that is available to the developers. Be sure to include the path to J2SE installer in the email that you send to the developers.