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Installation and Setup Guide for Solaris Platforms

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Before You Begin

Typographic Conventions

Shell Prompts

Supported Platforms

Accessing Sun Studio Software and Man Pages

Accessing Sun Studio Documentation

Accessing Related Solaris Documentation

Resources for Developers

Contacting Sun Technical Support

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1. Preparing for Installation

Software Installation Overview

System Requirements

Adding Swap Space

Choosing Local Display or Remote Display of the Installer

Installing to an NFS-mounted Filesystem

Installing on a Solaris 10 System With Zones

Installation Features Included in This Release

2. Installing the Sun Studio 11 Software

Supporting Previous Sun Studio and Sun ONE Studio Releases

Installing from Electronic Download Files

Choosing an Installation Method

Using the Graphical User Interface Installer

Using the Command-Line Installer

Using the Batch Installer

Using the Solaris JumpStart Installer

Installing the J2SE Platform and Related Solaris Operating System Patches

Verifying a Successful Installation

Setting Up Access to the Developer Tools and Man Pages

Setting Your PATH Environment Variable So You Can Access Sun Studio 11 Tools

Setting Your MANPATH Environment Variable So You Can Access Sun Studio 11 Man Pages

Adding the Changes to the Appropriate Environment Variable

Setting Your Proxy Information for Using the Update Notification Feature

3. Starting and Setting Up the Sun Studio 11 IDE

Starting the IDE

Using the Setup Wizard

Using the Registration Wizard

Note To System Administrators

4. Uninstalling the Sun Studio 11 Software

Uninstalling When Previous Versions Of Sun Studio Software Are Installed

Choosing Local Display or Remote Display of an Uninstaller

Preparing to Uninstall Using a Remote Display

Using the Batch Software Uninstaller

Using a Graphical User Interface Uninstaller

Using a Command-Line Uninstaller

Using the Solaris Product Registry Software Uninstaller

5. Troubleshooting

Installing in a Directory That Is Reached by a Symbolic Link

Product Registry Problems

How Do I Identify and Fix a Failed Installation?

How Do I Fix a Failed Uninstallation?

What Can I Do If the productregistry File Is Corrupted?

How Can I View the Installation Log Files?

Installing With a Remote Display

What If the Installation Fails on an NFS-Mounted Filesystem?

How Do I Initialize a ToolTalk Software Session During Remote Display Installation?

What Can I Do If the Batch Installer Stalls?

A. Sun Studio 11 Components and Packages

B. Patch Identification Numbers and Descriptions

C. J2SE Technology Required Patch Identification Numbers and Descriptions

D. Version Numbers of Sun Studio 11 Software Components