TABLE 1-1 small spaceLibrary Routines for 64-bit Environments

TABLE 1-2 small spaceSingle-Precision Math Functions

TABLE 1-3 small spaceDouble Precision Math Functions

TABLE 1-4 small spaceQuadruple-Precision libm Functions

TABLE 1-5 small spaceIEEE Arithmetic Support Routines

TABLE 1-6 small spaceieee_flags(action,mode,in,out) Parameters and Actions

TABLE 1-7 small spaceieee_handler(action,in,out) Parameters

TABLE 2-1 small spaceSpecific and Generic Names for Fortran 95 Intrinsic Functions

TABLE 2-2 small spaceBLAS Intrinsics

TABLE 2-3 small spaceIntrinsic Functions From Cray CF90 and Other Compilers

TABLE 3-1 small spaceFortran 77 Arithmetic Functions

TABLE 3-2 small spaceFortran 77 Type Conversion Functions

TABLE 3-3 small spaceFortran 77 Trigonometric Functions

TABLE 3-4 small spaceOther Fortran 77 Mathematical Functions

TABLE 3-5 small spaceFortran 77 Character Functions

TABLE 3-6 small spaceFortran 77 Bitwise Functions

TABLE 3-7 small spaceFortran 77 Environmental Inquiry Functions

TABLE 3-8 small spaceFortran 77 Memory Functions

TABLE 3-9 small spaceVMS Double-Precision Complex Functions

TABLE 3-10 small spaceVMS Degree-Based Trigonometric Functions

TABLE 3-11 small spaceVMS Bit-Manipulation Functions

TABLE 3-12 small spaceVMS Integer Functions