TABLE 1-1 small spaceREADME Pages of Interest

TABLE 2-1 small spaceFilename Suffixes Recognized by the Fortran 95 Compiler

TABLE 2-2 small spaceSummary of General Fortran Directives

TABLE 3-1 small spaceOptions Syntax

TABLE 3-2 small spaceTypographic Notations for Options

TABLE 3-3 small spaceCompiler Options Grouped by Functionality

TABLE 3-4 small spaceCommonly Used Options

TABLE 3-5 small spaceMacro Option Flags

TABLE 3-6 small spaceBackward Compatibility Options

TABLE 3-7 small spaceObsolete f95 Options

TABLE 3-8 small spaceSubnormal REAL and DOUBLE

TABLE 3-9 small space-Xlist Suboptions

TABLE 3-10 small space-xalias Option Keywords

TABLE 3-11 small space-xarch ISA Keywords

TABLE 3-12 small spaceMost General -xarch Options on SPARC Platforms

TABLE 3-13 small space-xarch Values for SPARC Platforms

TABLE 3-14 small space-xarch Values for x86 Platforms

TABLE 3-15 small space-xcache Values

TABLE 3-16 small spaceCommon -xchip SPARC Processor Names

TABLE 3-17 small spaceLess Common -xchip SPARC Processor Names

TABLE 3-18 small spaceExpansions of Commonly Used -xtarget System Platforms

TABLE 4-1 small spaceF95 Source Form Command-line Options

TABLE 4-2 small spaceSize Notation for Numeric Data Types

TABLE 4-3 small spaceDefault Data Sizes and Alignments (in Bytes)

TABLE 4-4 small spaceNonstandard Intrinsics

TABLE A-1 small spacef95 Runtime I/O Messages

TABLE C-1 small spaceLegacy -xtarget Expansions

TABLE D-1 small spaceSummary of General Fortran Directives

TABLE D-2 small spaceSpecial Fortran 95 Directives

TABLE D-3 small spaceSun-Style Parallelization Directives Summary

TABLE D-4 small spaceCray Parallelization Directives Summary