Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Release Notes

ProcedureTo Manage Directory Server Fail Over

  1. Retro Changelog Database.

    Changes that the Directory Server connector could not process might have occurred in the Retro Changelog database. Restoration of the Retro Changelog database only makes sense if the backup contains some unprocessed changes. Compare the most recent entry in the ServerRoot/isw-hostname/persist/ADPxxx/accessor.state file with the last changenumber in the backup. If the value in accessor.state is greater than or equal to the changenumber in the backup, do not restore the database. Instead, recreate the database.

    After the Retro Changelog database is recreated, make sure that you run idsync prepds. Alternatively, click Prepare Directory Server from the Sun Directory Source window in the Identity Synchronization for Windows management console.

    The Directory Server connector detects that the Retro Changelog database is recreated and log a warning message. You can safely ignore this message.

  2. Synchronized Database.

    If no backup is available for the synchronized database, then the Directory Server connector has to be reinstalled.

    If the synchronized database can be restored from a backup, then follow the procedures in either the bidirectional or the unidirectional synchronization sections.