Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Preparing a Directory Server Instance

Unpack the zip distribution to installDirectory Server Enterprise Edition software on local disk space.

For detailed information, see Installing Directory Server Enterprise Edition Using Zip Distribution in Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Installation Guide.

For convenience set environment variables as shown.

$ export PATH=/local/dsee7/bin:${PATH}
$ export DIRSERV_PORT=1389
$ export LDAP_ADMIN_PWF=~/.pwd

After installing the software and setting environment variables, create a Directory Server instance using default ports for LDAP and LDAPS, respectively.

$ dsadm create -p 1389 -P 1636 /local/dsInst
Choose the Directory Manager password:
Confirm the Directory Manager password:
$ du -hs /local/dsInst
610K   /local/dsInst

Until you create a suffix, the Directory Server instance uses less than one megabyte of disk space.

$ dsadm start /local/dsInst
Server started: pid=8046
$ dsconf create-suffix dc=example,dc=com
Certificate "CN=hostname, CN=1636, CN=Directory Server,
 O=Sun Microsystems" presented by the server is not trusted.
Type "Y" to accept, "y" to accept just once, "n" to refuse, "d" for more
 details: Y
$ du -hs /local/dsInst
53M   /local/dsInst

For this example, make no additional changes to the default Directory Server configuration except those shown explicitly.