Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Deploy WAR File With Sun Java System Web Server

The following example shows how to install DSCC in Sun Java System Web Server on a Solaris 10 system.

Caution – Caution –

If you install Sun Java System Web Server as root, web server daemons run as a webservd user. In that case, the easiest way to make your deployment work successfully is to install Directory Server Enterprise Edition and pre-configure DSCC as a webservd user.

  1. Create the WAR file for DSCC.

    $ install-path/bin/dsccsetup war-file-create

    For native packages installation, the WAR file is created in the /var/opt/SUNWdsee7/ directory.

    For zip distribution installation, the WAR file is created in the install-path/var directory.

  2. Initialize the DSCC registry.

    $ install-path/bin/dsccsetup ads-create
    Choose password for Directory Service Manager:
    Confirm password for Directory Service Manager:
    Creating DSCC registry...
    DSCC Registry has been created successfully
  3. To create server instances on the same host where DSCC is deployed, register the DSCC agent in Common Agent Container.

    $install-path/bin/dsccsetup cacao-reg

    Type the following command to check the location and other statistics of your war file and DSCC registry:

    $ install-path/bin/dsccsetup status
  4. Deploy the war file.

    1. Browse the Sun Java System Web Server console using https://hostname:8989.

    2. Under the Common Tasks tab, click Add Web Application in the Virtual Server Tasks section.

    3. In the Add Web Application form, provide the following values and click OK.

      • Web Application Location: install-path/var/dscc7.var

      • URI: /dscc7

  5. Enable server-side HTML

    1. Click the Content Handling tab of the virtual server.

    2. In the Parsed HTML/SSI section, click New and then OK.

    3. In the main window, click Deployment Pending link located in the top right corner and complete deployment by following the wizard.

    4. Edit the magnus.conf file of the virtual server:

      # vi web-server-install-path/admin-server/config/magnus.conf 

      Add the following line:

      type=magnus-internal/parsed-html exts=shtml
    5. Under the Configurations tab, click the Refresh button.

    6. Click Instance Configuration Modified in the top right corner and click Pull and deploy configuration from virtual-server and click OK.

    For the detailed information about enabling server-side HTML, see Enabling Server-side HTML in Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Developer’s Guide.

  6. Under the Configurations tab, select the configuration that you have created and click Start.

  7. Use http://hostname:8080/dscc7 to connect to DSCC.

    The Directory Service Manager Login page displays.