Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Pre-Configure Directory Service Control Center

The Directory Service Control Center (DSCC) has a web-based interface to manage Directory Server and Directory Proxy Server instances.

  1. Create the WAR file for DSCC.

    $ install-path/bin/dsccsetup war-file-create
    Created dscc-war-file-path

    Make a note of the dscc-war-file-path, which is the path of the DSCC war file.

  2. Initialize the DSCC registry.

    $ install-path/bin/dsccsetup ads-create
    Choose password for Directory Service Manager:directory-service-pwd
    Confirm password for Directory Service Manager:directory-service-pwd
    Creating DSCC registry...
    DSCC Registry has been created successfully

    The value that you provide for directory-service-pwd, will be needed to authenticate the DSCC login page and is also used as a DSCC registry password.

    DSCC uses its own local instance of Directory Server to store information about your directory service configuration. The instance is referred to as the DSCC Registry.

  3. Note the port and the path assigned to DSCC registry.

    # install-path/bin/dsccsetup status
    Path of DSCC registry is dscc-registry-path
    Port of DSCC registry is dscc-registry-port

    The dscc-registry-port is the port assigned to the DSCC registry by dsccsetup ads-create. The default port that is assigned to the DSCC registry is 3998.

  4. Deploy the WAR file in any of the supported application server instance.

    For example deployment procedures, refer to Appendix A, Deploying DSCC WAR File With Supported Application Servers.