Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Installation Guide

Removing Software

After you have removed all the server instances that depend on the installed product, you can remove the Directory Server Enterprise Edition software.

The following sections describe how to unconfigure and remove the Directory Server Enterprise Edition software:

ProcedureTo Unconfigure Directory Service Control Center

Refer to the following procedure to remove DSCC from your system.

  1. Undeploy DSCC from your application server.

  2. Dismantle DSCC with the dsccsetup dismantle command.

    For example, on a Solaris system the following command dismantles DSCC.

    bash-2.05# ./dsccsetup dismantle
    Unregistering DSCC Agent from Cacao...
    Stopping Cacao...
    Deleting DSCC Registry...
    All server registrations will be definitively erased.
    Existing server instances will not be modified.
    Do you really want to delete the DSCC Registry ? [y/n]y
    Directory Server instance 'install-path/dsee7/var/dcc/ads' stopped
    DSCC Registry has been deleted successfully
    Deleted install-path/dsee7/var/dscc7.war

    On Windows, type the following command to dismantle DSCC.

    C:\install-path\bin>dsccsetup.exe dismantle 

    On Solaris, the dsccsetup command is located in install-path/bin. See Default Paths to determine the default install-path for your system.

ProcedureTo Remove Directory Server Enterprise Edition Installed From the Zip Distribution

  1. Remove Directory Server Enterprise Edition with a system command.

    $ rm -r install-path

    On Windows, delete the install-path folder or run the following commands to remove the components:

    C:\>del /s install-path
    C:\>del install-path