Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Changes in the Administration Framework

Directory Server 7.0 does not include an administration server, as in 5.2 versions. Servers are now registered in the Directory Service Control Center (DSCC) and can be administered remotely by using the web-based GUI or the command-line tools.

To migrate to the new administration framework, you need to do the following:

Removal of the ServerRoot Directory

In the new administration model, a Directory Server instance is no longer tied to a ServerRoot. Each Directory Server instance is a standalone directory that can be manipulated in the same manner as an ordinary standalone directory.

Removal of the o=netscapeRoot Suffix

In previous versions of Directory Server, centralized administration information was kept in o=netscapeRoot. In the new administration model, the concept of a configuration directory server no longer exists. The o=netscapeRoot suffix is no longer required, and the netscapeRoot database files are therefore not migrated. The configuration data for this suffix can be migrated, if it is specifically required.