Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Checking for Undelivered Messages

The migration process minimizes system downtime by preserving the connectors’ states in the existing deployment. However, these states reflect only the last change received and acknowledged by the Message Queue. Therefore, you do not know whether the message was actually delivered and applied to the destination connector.

This behavior does not cause problems as long as the Message Queue remains the same. However, you will lose any messages on the Message Queue during the migration process when you install Message Queue 3.6.

You must verify that the synchronization topics on the existing Message Queue do not have any undelivered messages before you proceed with the migration. The Identity Synchronization for Windows checktopics utility enables you to verify that all the synchronization topics are empty and the system is not causing any problem.

ProcedureUsing the checktopics Utility

The checktopics utility is delivered in the migration directory of the Solaris/SPARC and the Windows Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 package.

Note –

The prerequisite to run checktopics is a Java Virtual Machine.

When you run the checktopics utility, it connects to the configuration directory, which contains information about Synchronization User Lists (SULs) and current synchronization topic names used in Message Queue. In addition, when you run checktopics, it queries Message Queue to check how many outstanding messages remain on each active synchronization topic and then displays this information for you.

To execute the checktopics command line utility:

  1. Open a Terminal window and cd to the migration directory.

  2. From a command prompt, type the subcommand as follows.

    java -jar checktopics.jar -h hostname \
     -p port -D bind-DN \
     -w bind-password -s root-suffix \
     -q configuration-password -Z

    For example,

    java -jar checktopics.jar -D "cn=directory manager" -w - -s "dc=example,dc=com" -q -Z

    Note –

    For more information about the checktopics arguments, see Common Arguments to the Idsync Subcommands in Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide. For more information about using checktopics, see Checking for Undelivered Messages.

    After running checktopics, check your terminal for the following messages:

    • If the operation succeeds, the terminal window displays a message stating that there are no outstanding messages in the logs.

    • If the operation fails, an appropriate error message is displayed with an error identifier.

ProcedureTo Clear Messages

If any of the active synchronization topics contain outstanding messages, use the following procedure to clear the messages.

  1. Restart synchronization.

  2. Wait until the messages are applied to the destination connector.

  3. Stop synchronization.

  4. Rerun checktopics.