Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Forcing Password Changes on Windows NT

On Windows NT, password changes are not monitored and new password values are not captured during the migration process. Consequently, you cannot determine new password values after the migration process.

Instead of requiring all users to change passwords when you finish migrating to 6.0, you can use the forcepwchg command-line utility to require a password change for all the users who changed passwords during the migration process.

Note –

The forcepwchg utility is available only in the Windows packages.

You can find the forcepwchg utility in the Windows migration directory. Execute forcepwchg directly from that directory. No additional installation steps are necessary.

You must run forcepwchg on the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) host where the NT components (connector, Change Detector DLL, and Password Filter DLL) are installed. You cannot run forcepwchg remotely.

The forcepwchg utility also prints the account names (one name per line) that it is trying to migrate. If an error occurs during the migration process, look into the next entry to the last printed entry.