Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Mapping Compare Request Controls

In Directory Proxy Server 5.2, compare request controls are used to prevent certain kinds of search and compare operations from reaching the LDAP server. In Directory Proxy Server 7.0, this functionality is provided by setting properties of a request filtering policy.

For information on configuring a request filtering policy, see Creating and Configuring Request Filtering Policies and Search Data Hiding Rules in Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Administration Guide.

In Directory Proxy Server 5.2, these configuration attributes are stored under ou=groups,cn=user-defined-name,ou=dar-config,o=NetscapeRoot.

The following table maps the Directory Proxy Server 5.2 compare request control attributes to the corresponding Directory Proxy Server 7.0 properties.

Table 7–8 Mapping of Compare Request Control Attributes

Directory Proxy Server 5.2 Attribute 

Directory Proxy Server 7.0 Property