Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Using dsmig to Migrate the Schema

Directory Server 5.2 schema files are located in serverRoot/slapd-instance-path/config/schema. Directory Server 7.0 schema files are located in INSTANCE-PATH/config/schema.

Directory Server 7.0 provides a schema file, 00ds6pwp.ldif, that contains password policy attributes. In addition, certain configuration attributes have been added to 00core.ldif.

To migrate the schema automatically, run the following command:

$ dsmig migrate-schema old-instance-path new-instance-path

When you run this command, any custom schema defined in the 99user.ldif file are copied to the new instance. If the new instance is already in production, and you have already modified the 99user.ldif file of the new instance, dsmig performs a best effort merge of the two files. Custom schema defined in any other files are also copied to the new instance.

For more information, see dsmig(1M).