Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Modify Indexes

You can use DSCC to perform this task. For information, see Directory Service Control Center Interface and the DSCC online help.

  1. Modify the index properties.

    $ dsconf set-index-prop -h host -p port suffix-DN attr-name property:value

    For example, to enable the approximate index approx-enabled for the preferredLanguage index , use the command:

    $ dsconf set-index-prop -h host -p port dc=example,dc=com \
    preferredLanguage approx-enabled:on

    You can modify the following properties for each index:

    • eq-enabled equality

    • pres-enabled presence

    • sub-enabled substring

    One of the properties that you might want to modify is the optional nsMatchingRule attribute. This attribute contains the OID for any matching rule known by the server. It enables the OID of a language collation order for internationalized indexes, and other matching rules such as CaseExactMatch. For a list of supported locales and the OID of their associated collation order, see Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Reference.

    For more information about index configuration attributes, see Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Reference.

    Note –

    When the configuration of an index is modified, re-indexing is required for the changes to take effect and to use the index again.

    Run dsconf info to display the attributes that need to be reindexed. For example, the following output shows the cn and uid attributes that need to be reindexed.

    $ dsconf info
    Instance path    :  /local/dsInst
    Global State     :  read-write
    Host Name        :  hostname
    Port             :  port
    Secure port      :  secure-port
    Total entries    :  160
    Suffixes         :  dc=example,dc=com
    No active tasks
    Attribute to reindex  :  cn

  2. Regenerate your new indexes.

    See To Generate Indexes.

  3. Repeat the previous steps for all servers that include the modified attribute index.