Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Administration Guide

Compacting a Suffix

Directory Server 7.0 supports the compaction of suffixes offline. Online compaction is not supported in this release. If storage space is available, compacting a suffix reduces the size of the database by reorganizing the database keys, and returns the storage space to the filesystem, if possible. Since application data is not processed and based on the way the database keys are managed, it is not guaranteed that the storage space can be reclaimed. Nevertheless database size will not grow.

ProcedureTo Compact a Suffix Offline

Stop the server and backup your database before performing this task.

  1. Compact the required suffix.

    $ dsadm repack instance-path suffix-dn

    All .db3 files related to the specified suffix are compacted.

    If you run this command with the -b option, you can specify a back end database name, instead of a suffix DN. At least one suffix, or one back end must be specified.