Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Developer's Guide

Updating Directory Server Configuration

Configure the server to log plug-in messages:

$ dsconf set-log-prop -h localhost -p 1389 error level:err-plugins

Configure the server to load the plug-in:

$ dsconf create-plugin -h localhost -p 1389 \
 -H lib-path -F hello_init -Y object "Hello World"
$ dsconf set-plugin-prop "Hello World" feature:"Hello, World" version:6.0 
 vendor:"Sun Microsystems, Inc." desc:"My first plug-in"
$ dsconf enable-plugin -h localhost -p 1389 "Hello World"
Directory Server needs to be restarted for changes to take effect

Here, lib-path must correspond to the absolute path to the plug-in library, such as /local/myplugins/examples/ Directory Server requires an absolute path, not a relative path. Before setting lib-path on a 64–bit system, read Searching Plug-In Libraries.

Note –

Plug-ins delivered with Directory Server have signatures, which are stored as ds-pluginSignature attribute values. Plug-ins also have digests, which are stored as ds-pluginDigest attribute values. The values allow you to differentiate plug-ins that are delivered with Directory Server from custom plug-ins.