Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Developer's Guide

Registering the Extended Operation Plug-In

Before using the plug-in function as described here, build the plug-in. Also, configure Directory Server to load the plug-in.

Notice that OID is passed as an argument through the configuration entry. The configuration entry could specify more than one nsslapd-pluginarg attribute if the plug-in supported multiple extended operations, each identified by a distinct OID, for example.

ProcedureTo Register the Plug-In

If you have not already done so, build the example plug-in library and activate both plug-in informational logging and the example plug-in.

  1. Build the plug-in.

    Hint Use install-path/examples/Makefile or install-path/examples/Makefile64.

  2. Configure Directory Server to log plug-in informational messages and load the plug-in.

     $ dsconf create-plugin -F custom-plugin-init-function -G custom-plugin-argument -H lib-path \
    -Y custom-plugin-type "Custom Plugin"
    $ dsconf enable-plugin "Custom Plugin"

    Hint For more information, use the commands specified in the plug-in source file.

  3. Restart Directory Server.

    $ dsadm restart instance-path