Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Reference

CoS Definition Entry

The CoS definition entry identifies the type of CoS and the names of the CoS attributes that will be generated. Like the role definition entry, the CoS definition entry inherits from the LDAPsubentry object class. Multiple definitions may exist for the same CoS attribute, which, as a result, may be multivalued.

The CoS definition entry is an instance of the cosSuperDefinition object class. The CoS definition entry also inherits from one of the following object classes to specify the type of CoS:

The CoS definition entry contains the attributes specific to each type of CoS for naming the virtual CoS attribute, the template DN, and the specifier attribute in target entries. By default, the CoS mechanism will not override the value of an existing attribute with the same name as the CoS attribute. However, the syntax of the CoS definition entry allows you to control this behavior.

When schema checking is turned on, the CoS attribute will be generated on all target entries that allow that attribute. When schema checking is turned off, the CoS attribute will be generated on all target entries.

The location of the definition entry determines the scope of the CoS, which is the entire subtree below the parent of the CoS definition entry. All entries in the branch of the definition entry’s parent are called target entries for the CoS definition.

The following figure shows a CoS definition entry at the root of the ou=people subtree. The scope of the CoS is only the two subtrees beneath the root. The CoS does not extend above this root, or to other subtrees in the DIT.

Figure 12–1 CoS Scope

Figure shows CoS scope beneath the CoS definition entry.