Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Reference


The cn=disk entry enables you to monitor disk conditions over LDAP. This entry is an instance of the extensibleObject object class. A cn=disknumber,cn=disk,cn=monitor entry exists for each disk. The following disk monitoring attributes appear under each of these individual disk entries.


Specifies the pathname of a directory used by the server on disk. Where several database instances reside on the same disk or an instance refers to several directories on the same disk, the short pathname is displayed. The disk numbering is arbitrary.


Indicates the amount of free disk space available to the server, in MB.

Note –

The disk space available to the server process may be less than the total free disk space. For example, on some platforms a process that is not running as root may not have all the free disk space available to it.


Indicates the state of the disk, based on the available free space and on the thresholds set for disk low and disk full with the configuration parameters nsslapd-disk-low-threshold and nsslapd-disk-full-threshold. Possible values are normal, low, and full.