Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Reference

Representing Binary Data by Using Standard LDIF Notation

The following example gives the standard LDIF notation of binary data:

jpegphoto:< file:/path/to/photo

In the example, the path is relative to the client, not to the server. To use standard notation, you do not need to specify the ldapmodify -b parameter. However, you must add the following line to the beginning of your LDIF file or to your LDIF update statements:


For example, you could use the ldapmodify command, as follows:

$ ldapmodify -D userDN -w passwd
version: 1
dn: cn=Barbara Jensen,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
changetype: modify
add: userCertificate
userCertificate;binary:< file:BabsCert